Matthew Hoggard wants to wish all of his fans, family and friends a Happy New Year!

Matthew would like to wish all his friends and fans a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Matthew is looking forward to relaxing with his nearest and dearest and enjoying fantastic food and most importantly fantastic company.

Looking ahead to 2013, he would also like to wish all his fans a wonderful 2013.

Former England cricketer Freddie Flintoff and friend of Matthew Hoggard took to the ring in his first professional fight supported by his former team mates.

The England cricket team readied themselves for the second test of the series in Mumbai. Having struggled in the first round, the England team were determined to achieve victory over their opponents, India. Matthew was thrilled to see England win by 10 wickets and congratulated all of the England side on their overall performance.

Leicestershire County Cricketer Matthew Hoggard will be visiting RAF Coningsby to speak at the annual gentlemen’s dinner. An evening that is thoroughly enjoyed in the officer’s mess every year, Matthew will entertain his audience with tales from his cricketing career and experiences as a professional sports person.