Hoggys road to recovery

How do you control an ex England bowling superstar who has exercised all their life, who recently underwent a knee operation and was told to rest. He cannot run and prefers not to cycle so what next? Well, Matthew Hoggard in his own unique way, has found an alternative but brilliant training tool to speed up his recovery. Ladies and Gentleman we introduces the ‘ElliptiGO’!

So what is an ElliptiGO and why has Hoggy got one? After a serious injury or surgical intervention regular (but controlled) exercise activity is essential to help the joint recover well and regain its full functionality. The ElliptiGO is great for hip, knee and lower back injury rehab and ongoing fitness maintenance because it uses a standard upright posture - like walking or running - but the joint is fully supported throughout the rotation and, as a result, it experiences no impact.​

We wish Hoggy a speedy recovery and If you require any more information or are interested in this product then please click here to visit ElliptiGO Ltd.