Hoggy Set For October Knee Surgery

As any pace bowler will tell you, pounding into the crease ball after ball and over after over takes its toll on the body. During the final strides of his run-up, as a bowler goes through his action, the ankles and knees take an extraordinary amount of punishment, so it is far from unusual for a fast bowler to fall foul of chronic injuries to the joints of the leg.

As many of you will have seen, Stuart Broad, one of England’s finest and most destructive current bowlers, recently went under the knife to deal with a long-standing patella tendonitis condition. With the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup on the horizon in February, we wish him all the best for his recuperation but he is not the only one going weak at the knees at the moment. Matthew Hoggard is no stranger to knee trouble himself and is due to have surgery in the middle of this month. His eyes are firmly fixed on his recovery, however, and recently he spotted something that could well be key to him building up the strength of the joint after he comes out of theatre.

Keen to work as hard as he can on rehabilitation but conscious of the need to avoid high impact activities, Hoggy was keen to try out the ElliptiGO, a low impact running device designed initially to help people with knee and ankle injuries stay fit without aggravating their problems.

Right from the moment Hoggy first got on board the machine he was sold on the idea and he took delivery of one of his own not long after. To find out more about the ElliptiGO and the benefits it can bring, visit http://www.elliptigo.co.uk/ - they really are something!

Matthew, we would like to take this chance to wish you well in your rehab and we hope the ElliptiGO helps bring you back to full fitness in no time.

Anyone watching the LV County Championship this summer will have noticed the predicament of Leicestershire County Cricket Club. They finished the season languishing at the bottom of Division Two and, having captained the club to Twenty 20 Cup glory in 2011, Hoggy is naturally concerned by the county’s prospects.

He recently voiced his concerns to the Leicester Mercury newspaper, giving his old club a few small pieces of advice. He told the paper: “The club needs to start at the top and work down. You have got to crack a few eggs to make an omelette. Leicestershire need to look at Derbyshire and see where they have been and where they are now. It’s possible but things will need to change.”

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